Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Conference Alert: EnergySec Call for Speakers

If you have potent ideas that could help utilities, regulators or other members of our tight-knit community, a rich vocabulary and a booming, resonant voice, are somewhat animated and can make dramatic hand gestures, then you may have a place in the line-up at the next EnergySec conference.

Here's the content of just-received email in case you didn't get or see it directly:
The EnergySec Annual Security Summit has been privileged to host some of the most intriguing, informative, technical and entertaining cyber security presentations and panels this industry has seen. But we think we can do better.

We have been preparing for our 9th summit by selecting and curating a list of speakers (and topics) we think should be represented, but we know there are a number of other amazing opportunities we are missing.

We are inviting researchers, consultants, governments agencies, utilities and other cyber security experts to present their innovative ideas and success stories at the 9th Annual EnergySec Security Summit (September 17-19, 2013) at the Magnolia Hotel Denver.

Specifically, we are looking for innovative strategies, ideas, and technologies that help attendees improve operational reliability of their utility through sound security practices; build streamlined security processes to increase efficiencies; improve security regulatory compliance; implement security solutions that work; and address the importance cyber security for the energy sector. Specifically, we are looking for high-quality content delivered by dynamic presenters. 
You can click HERE to submit yourself and your topic.

Of course, if you've got something to say but have issues with public speaking, you could just forward me your material for posting on the blog, or work on yourself with these folks:

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