Monday, April 22, 2013

All the NIST Critical Infrastructure Security RFI Responses You Can Eat

Re: the many and various submissions from companies and individuals to NIST, someone who knows more than a few things about grid security recently tweeted twice thusly:
Reading - and in many cases laughing at - #NISTCSF responses
and ...
The responses? Mostly neutrally irrelevant, some nonsensical. I've marked only 14% so far for "real" read later
I just want you to set your expectations bar sufficiently low before you click HERE and read all of the responses.

By the way there were a few good and very good responses too.

If, after reading, you not only feel like you have something to suggest that hasn't yet been suggested, but you also want to physically transport and immerse yourself in this grand sausage making activity, then ...

For more information on the 2nd workshop coming up in late May in Pittsburgh, and a link where you can register, click on THIS.

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