Thursday, January 23, 2014

Announcing a Blogging Slowdown as a New Energy and Security Business is Born

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed the number of posts has tapered off lately on the Smart Grid Security Blog. I've got to tell you that it's not from lack of interest or diminished activity in our space ... far from it.

Rather, since I departed IBM last September I've been working overtime putting my consulting business together. I've now reached the point where my focus is set, my offerings are defined, and my first partners and customers have emerged.

That means the taxiing period is over and it's time to push the throttle all the way forward and lift off ... hence, less blogging on the SGSB, at least for a while.

The new business is called Bochman Advisors, and as you'll see when you visit the NEW SITE I just built, it immediately identifies its focus as "Strategic security consulting for the energy sector".  So far, this is working out as helping security companies get smarter on energy matters, and energy companies do better with security.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Conference Alert: SmartSec Europe 2014

There's not much time left, but here's an exciting conference for if you're not going to Distributech in San Antonio, but still want to visit a historic city with picturesque waterways.

Location: Amsterdam
Dates: 29-30 January 2014
For more info, click HERE
To register, click HERE

Bonus #1: My friend Johan Rambi and grid security superstar Annabelle Lee will be speaking

Bonus #2: All SmartSec attendees are invited to stay on one more day to help set the course for Europe's new ISAC and situational awareness organization, DENSEK.  It convenes at 1000 hours on Friday the 31st at the same venue.

And in case you're wondering DENSEK includes but is not focused on Denmark. DENSEK stands for Distributed ENenergy SEcurity Knowledge ... capiche?

Photo credit: The Travis Caulfield Travel Blog

Thursday, January 9, 2014

SANS gets Cyber-Physical with ICS Breach Response Guide

With apologies to Olivia Newton John, you may or may not be aware that some bad actors have been helping raise awareness about physical threats to electric infrastructure lately.  You might say, "Are we sure about this, or were they merely after some copper ... or groundnuts?"

Of course, it always pays to be skeptical, but in the age of video cameras, motion detectors and similar, it's clear that these were humans not after enrichment or nourishment, but rather, intent on destruction.

Mike Assante and Scott Swartz of security training firm SANS just released a how-to manual describing how you can help your utility proceed in the event of an attack.  In particular, they want utilities to be on the lookout for cyber security foul play as they investigate breaches of physical defenses.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Singer & Brookings on the Security Governance/Ownership Vacuum

Analyst and author Peter Singer of the Brookings Institute has a new book out intended for everyman. And everywoman. To include particularly those types who consider themselves non technical, or as I've heard cyber folks in DOD refer to them - tech immigrants (vs. typically younger tech natives).

The net he casts is wide enough to captures senior government and business leaders too.  Below are excerpts from a recent interview with CNN/Fortune that really resonated with me, with particular applicability to our sector:
"Stop looking for others to solve it for you, stop looking for silver bullet solutions, and stop ignoring it."