Thursday, January 23, 2014

Announcing a Blogging Slowdown as a New Energy and Security Business is Born

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed the number of posts has tapered off lately on the Smart Grid Security Blog. I've got to tell you that it's not from lack of interest or diminished activity in our space ... far from it.

Rather, since I departed IBM last September I've been working overtime putting my consulting business together. I've now reached the point where my focus is set, my offerings are defined, and my first partners and customers have emerged.

That means the taxiing period is over and it's time to push the throttle all the way forward and lift off ... hence, less blogging on the SGSB, at least for a while.

The new business is called Bochman Advisors, and as you'll see when you visit the NEW SITE I just built, it immediately identifies its focus as "Strategic security consulting for the energy sector".  So far, this is working out as helping security companies get smarter on energy matters, and energy companies do better with security.

Because a blog is built into the site, I'm going to pull in a few posts I've previously published here and then start a fresh run there. This means the Smart Grid Security blog (as well as the DOD Energy blog) will continue to be accessible as archives, but that they'll be relatively quiet in terms of new material, at least in the first half of 2014.

Meanwhile, I'm speaking in front of energy-oriented lawyers tomorrow, will be making the rounds (and warming up a bit) at Distributech in San Antonio next week, and speaking in DC and elsewhere throughout the rest of winter and spring. I've got these things posted on the News & Events page, btw, and will try to keep that updated.

I've also become a fairly active person on Twitter, where I simply use my name as my ID, so that's @andybochman.  If that medium is new to you, you should know I learn an incredible amount there, and have met some of the most interesting and helpful energy and security people people on Twitter over the past year or so.

OK, that's all I've got for now.  Hope this epistolary post finds you warm and well, and I'd be very happy to see you over at the Bochman Advisors blog sometime if you choose to stop by.  

Yours truly, Andy

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