Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smart Grid Vendor Universe Charted

Thanks to David Leeds and his Smart Grid team at GreenTech Media (GTM) for building this novel and helpful view of the Smart Grid vendor world. In this end-to-end view, some companies are listed once; others have entries in multiple offerings categories.. (Click on image above for larger view) or follow THIS LINK to get more info on the report and see a larger, hi rez version of the map.)

I note the listing of primarily boutique outfits in the security column. I've had experience with all of them and can report that all are solid. It's been my experience that the bigger outfits with significant, more scalable security capabilities in other sectors are working on tuning their offerings to the energy space and are at varying stages of maturity in this effort. In coming weeks will try to ferret out more info from GTM and the other analysis firms covering Smart Grid security to get a more comprehensive view for you.