Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Just In: The NISTIR 7628 Cake is Baked !!!

The final NISTIR 7628, “Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security” is now available for download from the NIST Computer Security Division website. You can grab the three layers volumes:
HERE (Volume 1, Smart Grid Cyber Security Strategy, Architecture, and High-Level Requirements)
HERE (Volume 2, Privacy and the Smart Grid)
and HERE (Volume 3, Supportive Analyses and References)
But be forewarned: you'd better take small bites ... it's a big one!  By now, after so many rounds of incremental edits, we pretty much know what's in it. But give us a little time to digest this final version and we'll have some observational slices to share soon.

Photo credit: Kimberly Vardeman at

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