Monday, October 4, 2010

New SGSB Webcast is Live

SGSB Webcast 5: Smart Grid Software Security

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While it's fun to think of all the great new gadgets and devices that are enabled by the Smart Grid (and that the Smart Grid enables), none of them could even begin to work without the "invisible glue" out of which the entire enterprise is being constructed: software.

As we rush to deploy Smart Meters by the millions, consumer portals, HANs and iPad applications that can communicate with them, meter data management systems (MDMS) to handle the tons of data that's generated, electric vehicles (EVs) to push local electric infrastructures to the limit, and synchrophasers across the continent to give us a better view of "the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century", it's important to not forget about software just because we often can't see it.

Misconfiguration of software assets and (usually unintentional) vulnerabilities in code are the primary pathways hackers use to breach systems, alter their behavior and reach sensitive data. This presentation is more of a "why to" than a "how to" manual. There are plenty of the latter and I'd be happy to point you to some. But the reasons for taking on this challenge are compelling, and IMHO, need to get out.  

Enough already, here you go. It's about 17 minutes long, and you'll like it better if you make it bigger (click on "Full" icon in the lower righthand corner).

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