Monday, November 25, 2013

ICS Electric Utility Attack Video and Aegis to the Rescue

SANS Securing the Human - ICS Attacker
The excellent security-mined people at the SANS Institute have produced an 8 minute video that walks you through a control systems attack.  The money they saved by using animation instead of Matt Damon or Morgan Freeman was put to good use as you'll see. For such an esoteric subject, this is a first rate video. For more info please visit the Securing the Human site at

Meanwhile, to calm you down after the video gets your heart rate up, you should start learning about a new tool that's set for release at the upcoming SANS SCADA Summit. It's called Aegis and it's not an anti-ballistic missile system.  It's a testing tool to help ensure systems communicating with one of the most common SCADA and controls systems communications protocols, DNP3, are harder to attack.

You can ready more about Aegis here:

And more about the SANS ICS Summit here:

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