Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Electric Sector Vulnerability & Breach Round-Up

Thanks to Jeff St. John at Greentech Media for doing all the legwork required to put together this comprehensive yet readable account summarizing most/all of the recent activity.

As a non-alarmist, there are a few lines I'd write differently, I'd use a different image, and the term Smart Grid is used loosely, as a number of these events and vulnerabilities are not related in any way to Smart Grid technologies.

But overall, I like that all of these things are in one article. And I think Jeff does a good job, as a non-security expert, of capturing the scope of this problem set:
That makes securing today’s grid a matter of upgrading the ability of millions of endpoints like smart meters and grid controls, along with the chain of networking and software that binds them to the utility enterprise, to protect themselves from attack, as well as warn the system when that attack is occurring, which can trigger a series of security responses to detect, prevent or minimize it -- a so-called “defense in depth” approach.
So, have a look HERE, when you're ready to get stirred up by all the recent reports.

Oh, and don't forget, the White House just acknowledged a significant attack (thanks Al Jazeera and others) and big US Banks have been getting hammered by large denial of services attacks the past few weeks as well. More on those HERE.

Looks like we all  better be working harder and smarter going forward.

Photo credit: Boston.com