Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Computer Security Giant Speaks Out on Current Sub-Optimal State of Affairs

Cybersecurity-oriented readers,

In case you didn't see it in the flurry of all the Sandy related news (or because you didn't have power for related reasons), wanted to make sure to acquaint you with one of the living legends in our field, Peter Neumann, who with DARPA's help, is still going strong.

In short, Dr. Neumann has been:
... a voice in the wilderness, tirelessly pointing out that the computer industry has a penchant for repeating the mistakes of the past. He has long been one of the nation’s leading specialists in computer security, and early on he predicted that the security flaws that have accompanied the pell-mell explosion of the computer and Internet industries would have disastrous consequences.
There's much more to say, but believe the NY Times' John Markoff will say it better than I would, so click HERE to go straight to the article.