Friday, November 18, 2011

New Smart Grid Security Book coming from Sorebo and Echols

This is the first new book on the topic in over a year, and as you know, a lot has transpired over the last 365. Awareness of Stuxnet, Night Dragon and other control system-targeting Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), for example.

I didnt' have too much exposure to the previous one, but at first glance can tell you that Gib and Mike bring a heaping helping of hands-on industry experience to the table. Prove it, you say? Alright then:

Gib built and has been running SAIC's grid security team for quite a while. He also has been a leader on multiple security standards working groups. And Mike was Security Compliance Manager at the Salt River Project, a big power and water utility in Arizona and a security officer at the Western Area Power Administration.

The title is: Smart Grid Security, an End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid, and it's coming out on Dec 12 (just in time for Christmas!). You can read more about it and get an order started on Amazon HERE.

I should be getting a copy soon myself, and will do a short review on the SGSB as soon as I am able.