Friday, November 18, 2011

He's Baaaaaaack: Jack Danahy on a Courtroom Drama that could Radically Upend the Cyber Security Apple Cart

Just Judy's not working this one, but my colleague, and once and future energy and security blogger Jack Danahy is on the case.

Now new, improved, and more succinct than ever, he writes:
In reading the case of Gaffney et al vs. Tricare Management Activity et al, the question arises: "Is there a price to be paid for the loss of personal, private information of individuals, when it appears that due care may not have been taken for its protection?" With 4.9 million individuals affected, and sought damages of $1,000 per injured party, the potential $5B outcome of this case could very quickly reshape the landscape of investment in security measures.
There's lots of good food for thought in this one. You can read it all, HERE.