Friday, May 20, 2011

Webcast Alert: Virtual Energy Forum - Cyber Security No FUD Zone

As our friend Massoud likes to say, "at the risk of self promotion," would like to let you know that I'll be doing a live presentation on Wednesday, May 25.  I'll have both my IBM and blogger hats on at the same time, so will be discussing topics from the SGSB, as well as describing how IBM is organized and organizing to help electric utility customers improve their security and privacy posture.

Feel free to heckle if you must. Details are below.

Featured Presentation
Andy Headshot May 25th at 12:00PM EDTLessons from the Smart Grid Cyber Security No FUD Zone

Andy Bochman
Energy Security Lead
IBM Software Group/Rational

Presentation Abstract - The mainstream media gives us daily reminders of the risks anticipated from the emerging Smart Grid. From Smart Meter-related health concerns, to new privacy issues, to perceived exposure to higher monthly electric bills, not to mention new threats to critical infrastructure from solar flares, EMP and Stuxnet. This presentation will give attendees the other side of the story. We'll cover what utilities, regulators, and vendors including IBM are doing to ensure the successful roll out of a safe and secure Smart Grid, essential for enabling the Smarter Planet and our collective energy future.

Click HERE to register.

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