Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insane in the Brain - Why your Smart Meter may soon be on the Most Wanted List

Words fail me (which is weird, right?). Way too many radiating radio waves for comfort:
Although smart meters are too new to form definitive conclusions regarding their long-term risk, data from several studies show about twice the risk of a rare kind of brain tumour in those who've used a cellphone half an hour a day for 10 years. These tumours normally take 40 years to develop.
If the so-called nuclear expert from California, referenced in this article, is right, you need to get out of your house immediately, wireless, wired or no Smart Meter. And don't go outdoors either ... far too many radio waves out there as well, not to mention the sun. And wolverines.

Hmm, that's funny, sounds like a cave is your best bet. Which is where I said you should consider going in the previous post. I'm detecting an early trend.

It's going to be ok, though. Our ancestors did some of their best work in caves, as you can see in Werner Herzog's latest film.

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