Sunday, November 21, 2010

Massoud Energizes U Minnesota Smart Grid Ad

Nov 22 Update: I'm speaking at the Canadian Smart Grid Summit next week in Toronto, and when I went to check for my time slot, noticed that Massoud is headlining!  See for yourself HERE.


As this Wall Street Journal video points out, the majority of TV ads for colleges shown during football halftime breaks are cookie cutter simple and formulaic.  This spot, though focuses on several recent ones which break the mold. Most notably, from the SGSB's point of view, is the one from University of Minnesota featuring long-time clean tech and Smart Grid security advocate, Dr. Massoud Amin.

Here's the WSJ piece that makes the case:

And for the full 30-second U Minn energy ad they're applauding, click HERE.

Production standards are so high and the content so compelling, you might think you were watching an IBM commercial.

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