Monday, November 29, 2010

Enernex's Kevin Brown on Intersection of Physical and Cyber Security Challenges in Smart Grid Devices

Thanks to Erich Gunther for promulgating this excellent video Q&A featuring his security-minded colleague, Kevin Brown.

As a cyber guy, I've not imagined physical security as being much more than perimeter fences, surveillance cameras and good locks. Brown's discussions on battery life expectancies, how high you should mount pole-mounted devices, and how easy is to become king of reclosers were all eye openers for me.

Visually, there's not a lot more going on than in My Dinner with Andre. But the content, which truly bridges the physical and cyber worlds, is utterly compelling, fascinating stuff. It's over 20 minutes long, so make sure you find an open spot in your schedule. You won't want to multi-task through this one or you'll miss a lot.

Physical and Cyber Security for a Smart Grid from Erich Gunther on Vimeo.

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