Friday, August 7, 2009

White House Underpowered for Smart Grid Security?

With the recent departure of the talented Melissa Hathaway from the White House, the blurry view of security for the Smart Grid is unlikely to clear anytime soon. Following Ms. Hathaway's analysis of the nation's cyber weaknesses and infrastructure needs, it seemed likely that underlying requirements for additional protection and reinforcement would only be an act of Congress and a pen-swipe away. With her exit, leaders on the Hill and experts in the market are going to have to create their own momentum, and bring that awareness to 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue.

Stay tuned, and keep your eyes open to legislation like HR 2165, SR 946, and others. The stimulus money is going to continue to drive the supply side of SmartGrid energy, and tax-advantaged investments by homeowners and businesses are likely to drive some non-trivial rates of adoption. In the middle will be the infrastructure, and right now, it looks like no-one at the top is really minding the store.

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