Monday, August 3, 2009

Cyber-Energy Security at USEA

I like this SAIC presentation from last month, in particular where it addresses which part of an energy org is the best one for addressing looming cyber-related security issues. The enterprise IT shop is recommended, though of course, many if not most energy co. IT operations are not prepared for the scope or complexity of this task as it relates to the Smart Grid. (more on this to follow).

It also does a nice job of characterizing cyber challenges that seems right for this moment, but also would have been on target well before the dawn of the Smart Grid:
  • There is a growing focus on the impacts of risks and vulnerabilities to critical energy infrastructure
  • System complexity is growing through expanding interconnectivity of systems
  • Digital systems are proliferating, extending the electronic perimeter to new system components and participants
  • Lots of legacy investments that need to be secured alongside newer, unproven technologies
  • What level of investment and focus on securing infrastructure will be enough?

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