Monday, July 29, 2013

Rapidly Approaching Training Alert: SANS Control Systems Security

Depending on where you sit at the cyber security table, this might be for you or someone in your org.

Here's how the SANS folks describe it:
A rising number of cyber threats impacting industrial systems have increased the urgency to address security challenges for Industrial Control Systems. Learn how to develop an effective and comprehensive cyber security strategy and equip yourself with the technical know-how and skills to apply in these unique applications. Cyber security is an important element to achieve highly reliable and safe operations. SANS Hosted ICS training courses equip both security professionals and control system engineers with the knowledge and skills they need to safeguard these important systems.
Available classes: SCADA Security Training, Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity, and Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems

OK now the details:

  • What: SANS Industrial Control Systems Training
  • When: 12-16 August 2013
  • Where (Generally speaking): Washington DC
  • Where (More specifically) : the Westin hotel in Georgetown
You can register here: and if you use this code you'll get a discount: SANSICS_SGSB5

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