Sunday, March 31, 2013

ICS Lab for Grid Security Research, Training and Demonstrations

In case you're not already tuned into this community, but might want to be, I submit for your review the contents of an email I received yesterday.  It goes like this:
Greetings ICS-ISAC Members and partners! 
The ICS-ISAC and MS-ISAC are partnering with several key Members to create an ICS Security Lab as a shared asset for research, training and demonstrations. Physically hosted in Livermore, CA by Robot Garden the Lab is now in Phase One of procuring equipment and establishing the virtual capabilities that Members can have access to. 
If you are interested in participating in this activity or have equipment that would be of benefit to this endeavor please send a note to ICS-ISAC Chair Chris Blask at
There is also a LinkedIn group for collaboration at

Acronym Legend:

ICS-ISAC = Industrial Control Systems Information Sharing and Analysis Center

MS-ISAC = Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center

That's all I got.

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