Monday, February 4, 2013

ICS-ISAC Webinar on Municipal Utility Control Systems Security

The ICS-ISAC (that's Industrial Control Systems Information Sharing and Analysis Center if you want it spelled out for you) has a webinar coming up soon if you want a bite-sized dose of control systems security best practice knowledge. As the site says:
ICS-ISAC Member Briefing Miki Calero, Chief Security Officer for the City of Columbus Ohio, will provide a first-hand assessment of the challenges and opportunities presented to those responsible for securing municipal infrastructures.
For me, this is interesting because in addition to getting more info out on control systems security, we'll also get to hear the municipal (or "muni") point of view. Muni's are everywhere and are often below the radar of the sector press, who like to focus on  the large investor owned utilities (IOUs). Yet muni's, responsible for medium sized cities and above, play a critical role in keeping the lights on for millions (maybe billions) around the world, especially at the distribution level.

The webinar will also include ICS-ISAC Chair Chris Blask brief ISAC members on new developments at the Center.

When: February 20, 1-2 pm ET

Here's a LINK to learn more and register.

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