Thursday, September 20, 2012

China's (Apparently) Looming Grid Security Spending Spree

China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) test center 
There are a few lines in the press release to which Jesse Berst links that give me agita (about the quality of the report he references), but it is worth pondering how much money China is spending to protect government orgs, businesses and citizens from cyber threats to its mostly brand new grid architecture.

$50 billion vs. $16 billion for North America and Europe combined, says research firm GlobalData.

Jesse calls China "nervous," but depending on where you stand, others might call them prudent. Of course we at the SGSB see things a little differently. I'm more interested in what people (in China and elsewhere) think are the most effective things to spend cybersecurity money on vs. just looking at the total amounts budgeted or spent.

Wonder if the Chinese will have better luck with cybersecurity metrics, measurement and information sharing than their North American and European counterparts have so far?

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Photo credit: Perspektive Mittelstand