Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Michael Assante Holds Forth on Cybersecurity Leadership

You've seen him here before, but for those not familar, his quals, in reverse chronological order:
Great background, right? Though he lives in the Northwest, he's pretty visible in DC as a frequent testifier on national security issues related to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.

Here's an excerpt from a just published Q&A session I was lucky enough to engage him in. When asked:

 "... What can the energy & utilities industry learn and leverage from these other critical infrastructure industries?" Mike responded:
It is more the norm than the exception to find executive-level cybersecurity leadership in banking and telecommunications today. Years ago, both industries realized that protecting their networks, systems and data from attackers was a strategic imperative. And some industries have even gone so far as to police themselves with their own security standards. Now it’s time for electric utilities and other energy companies to elevate cyber resilience in their business planning and investment decisions.
You bet it is.

The interview is not too long ... only 4 questions, but I highly recommend you view his well-informed responses to all of them, which you can see RIGHT HERE.

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