Monday, July 23, 2012

New IDC Report Takes Measure of Energy Security Metrics

They had me with the title: "Methods and Practices: Creating a Metrics-Based Security Culture".  It seems IDC must have used a key word optimizer app designed to discover the best title based on the complete works at the Smart Grid Security Blog.

I can't vouch for the utility of this report because I haven't read it.  But I do know lead IDC energy and security analyst Usman Sindhu because we've been discussing grid security topics since we met back when he was still at Forrester Research.

Jesse Berst and the SmartGridNewsers did a nice little intro to it HERE.

The price may not be right for you, though maybe your company already has a subscription with IDC that will let you see it for free. Or maybe you can negotiate a "friends price" with Usman, the economy being somewhat iffy at the moment.

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