Thursday, May 24, 2012

SGCC Releases Smart Grid Privacy Fact Sheet

In January of this year we gave you a privacy post related to the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) from a panel session it organized the day before the Distributech conference in San Antonio.

Time has passed and now the same great org has produced a short, sweet, and very helpful fact sheet on Privacy for the layman, also known as the "man on the street", the "generalist", the "consumer" or from the electric utility industry's point of view: THE CUSTOMER.

The 2-sided sheet contains lots of helpful orienting bits like what's a "smart grid" and "what is a smart meter", but the part I like best comes near the end:
The privacy of electricity usage data is protected now and that will not change with the use of smart meters. Electric companies, the federal government, and the suppliers of critical electric grid systems and components are working together to strengthen consumer safeguards, develop a best-in-class data security model and enforce its implementation.
Talk about a pure pro-education / anti-FUD message. I am think I am in love.

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