Saturday, April 7, 2012

USAF Seeking (More than) a Few Good Cyber Men and Women

Thanks to my friend and Academy classmate Chris Davis (USAFA '85) for the heads-up on this recent Air Force news.

Wonder if anyone in DOD has heard of the excellent NBISE, an organization dedicated to cranking out a better breed of cyber defense professional?  Anyone out there know Space Command's General Shelton, quoted within HERE? Maybe he could send some scouts to watch for talent at NBISE's upcoming US Cyber Challenge. It's open for registration now.

Here are a couple of plugs for the event. First, from the Hon. Mike McConnell former Director of National Security and Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton:
Our government and U.S. commercial companies are being besieged by attempted cyber attacks every day, and the nation needs as many resources as possible to prevent damage and the theft of intellectual capital. The U.S. Cyber Challenge offers a unique and exciting platform to identify the talent we need to defend our nation.
And here's Michael Assante, President & CEO, National Board of Information Security Examiners (NBISE):
The Cyber Quest competition and Cyber Camps are critical as our nation continually undergoes fast-paced changes in technology. Our growing reliance on digital technology requires concentrated efforts, like these, to identify and best develop the next generation of highly skilled cyber security professionals.
Please get the word out on this event if you can.