Monday, August 15, 2011

International Smart Grid Security - East meets West and West meets East

My job just keeps getting better and better. A few weeks ago, just prior to the backpacking vacation from which I recently returned, I had the great honor of meeting a sharp senior security analyst and energy sector researcher from South Korea.

Along with a stellar IBM colleague who not only possesses substantial cyber security and pen testing chops, but also knows how to say hello and more in Korean, we reviewed approaches and exchanged ideas on to best protect important grid and Smart Grid equipment and data.

It seemed like we accomplished some important, if early, work together, and had a few good laughs along the way. And then our friend was off to Black Hat. Depending on which sessions he attended, there were certainly several good grid security-related lessons to take back across the Pacific (as posted previously HERE).

I don't know if Dunkin Donuts coffee is powering Korea yet, but as shown above, it certainly fueled our conversation towards the end of our great afternoon together in Boston.

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