Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recent Q&A on Smart Grid Security and Life Continuing Nicely through 2011

In case you don't come across it via other means, HERE's a recent Q&A session I just did on the past, present and near-term future of the Smart Grid from a cyber security perspective.

Here's the part that led to the title of the piece:
2010 saw a very single-minded Stuxnet penetrate, but not disrupt, many enterprises with industrial equipment, including the military and utilities. More broadly aimed variants of Stuxnet may in the works, or in the wild already. But I don't necessary forecast extraordinary trouble, as the promulgation of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) doesn't help anyone. Some security professionals like to put folks into fetal positions with scare stories. But I prefer to remember what my broker tells his clients during downturns, "generally speaking, the world doesn't end."
Special thanks to Larry Karisny at Project Safety.org

Alarming image credit: andrewsrj on Flickr.com

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