Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuxnet Update III: Death to USB Thumb Drives

Funny, I just used a thumb drive to print out a presentation on a hotel business center printer last week. I put that drive back in my briefcase. Next thing I do after posting this post will be to put that tiny device on the rail of the Boston Green Line subway that runs just outside my front door. And you should probably do your equivalent of the same. And then we should all go cold turkey and not touch the things again (even they're kind of cute and convenient as hell).

For those wondering whether the USB drive-facilitated Stuxnet virus is over hyped or not, Kapersky Labs senior security analyst Roel Schouwenberg has fifteen words for you:
This is without any doubt the most sophisticated targeted attack we have seen so far.
You can read Joe's latest Stuxnet post HERE.

OK, off to catch that train.

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