Sunday, June 20, 2010

Without Further Adieu: Smart Grid Security Data Security Deck

For those of you who are regular or occasional readers of the SGSB, you may have noticed our day-job commitments occasionally impede our aspirations for posting material in a snappier manner on the blog. Nevertheless, we have just made last month's Powerpoint deck available for viewing and downloading here.

Also want to let you know we'll be handling upcoming webcasts a little differently, with videos covering designated Smart Grid security subjects posted on or about the days in brackets below:

  • IT System Security Challenges and the Smart Grid (June 30)
  • An introduction to Smart Grid-related Standards and Regulations (July 28)
  • Understanding the SoftGrid: Assuring security and privacy for your Customer Portal and other new applications (Aug 25)
  • Approaches to securing AMI (Sep 29)
  • Security and Privacy from the Customers' Point of View (Oct 27)
  • Understanding and Empowering a Smart Grid CISO (Nov 24)
  • Violable but Reliable : Preparing for the inevitable break down in Smart Grid security (Dec 29)
  • All the places we have been: A 10th Session Recap of Smart Grid Security (Jan 26)
If you have questions you'd like to see addressed in any of these, particularly the June 30 presentation on IT Systems Security (initially addressed in a recent post here), please submit them ahead of time to our our email address. OK? Au revoir ... for today.

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