Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calling all Energy Idealists, or: Where is Chris Davis?

For those of us immersed in energy matters in our day jobs, it may be hard to imagine that there's a virtual farm system out there where independent self-starters working in other fields imagine alternative uses of their energy. To whit, I wrote energy tech blogs for years before I had the good fortune of landing (via M&A) in a company that's staking its future on being an important part of our country's and the world's energy future. Now this has happened again, to a close friend of mine.

Not long ago my Air Force Academy classmate (1985) and Discovery Channel energy co-blogger Chris Davis wrote a post announcing my departure from Discovery, and the launch of two new blogs, one of which you're now reading. Well, the the tables are now turned and it's Chris who recently left his loyal readers wondering what became of him.

One of the last posts Chris did before wrapping up his Discovery Channel tech assignment was called "Visualizing the Electric Car 2015" and it gives you a feel for how forward-leaning his thinking is on renewables tech in general and Vehicles to Grid (V2G) in particular. Now, having transitioned from two decades of pure construction jobs to Dallas-based electric services co Facilities Solution Group (FSG), Chris is paid to pursue his passion.

Today he's active in North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) future transportation initiatives, bridging his expertise and experience in the building industry with what he knows about electric cars, Smart and microgrids, to accelerate that organizations' great work. We talk all the time, and he's one of the happiest, most fulfilled people I know.

For anyone visiting this blog from a vocation far removed from Smart Grid, energy management and/or other renewables-enabling pursuits, and wishing they were closer to the action, please take courage from our examples. If Chris and I could make the leap, so could anyone. And the energy future needs many more talented, passionate people to get involved and make it happen.

Photo credit: Chris Davis on 4 Pass Loop Route, Snowmass, Colorado. Click on it for much larger version

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