Saturday, April 24, 2010

Registration Now Open for the Smart Grid Security Blog (SGSB) Monthly Webcast Series Kickoff

We want to alert you of an upcoming series centered around topics from the Smart Grid Security Blog related to the roll-out of new Smart Grid and microgrid capabilities, particularly from a security point of view.

Brought to you courtesy of IBM, the 2010 Smart Grid Security Webcast Series is for anyone interested or involved in making the Smart Grid successful and secure. Our goal is to make actionable information available that will lead to better security, privacy & compliance decision making, and to do so in a way that entertains while it educates.

Webcast 1: Intro to Smart Grid Security and the SGSB webcast series (Apr 28, noon EST)


-- Intro to webcast series
-- Current state description of the grid and the organizations who run and maintain it
-- Smart Grid Security intro:
  • What is the smart grid and what are the compelling drivers for deploying it?
  • What makes it smart?
  • What new concerns arrive with smartness?
  • How to plan to deal with these threats
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Hope to see you there!

Andy & Jack

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