Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smart Grid Intro for CSO's

Having come to the Smart Grid Security discussion from the Security side of the equation, I have for years spoken at the highlight events, whether RSA, Gartner ITExpo, etc. This spring, when asked to present at CSI, I thought it would be a good opportunity that we could use to begin to bridge that IT and Utility security gap that Andy has written a fair amount on.

As such, last week I presented the following deck at the CSI IT show at the Gaylord National conference center, and it was meant to give just a taste of the Smart Grid to traditional IT security professionals, and to give some security information and guideposts to any utility folks that were there.

It turned out that we had representatives of both groups in the audience, and I have had several requests for the materials, mainly because these people wanted to begin the process of informing their own colleagues and managers. Be aware that it is intentionally light, it touches a few of the areas that are important, but it is by no means supposed to be an education on Smart Grid Security. It is more like the free chapter you would get if a book existed on the topic. Hopefully it was enough to energize some of these people who self-selected into the room and who are at least aware that there is a grid that is Smart, and there are security issues that may plague it.

Here is the deck. Please feel free to share it, and to generate a more aware population wherever you are. Andy and I expect to launch a version with voice-over in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for a truly simple way to get people to understand more about the nature of some of the challenges of securing the Smart Grid.

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