Monday, July 13, 2009

Security Thoughts on Microgrid Nation

It was pointed out that the recent SGS Blog post on microgrids as a potentially faster/cheaper/better way to get to a modernized, more efficient power system left out one key detail: security ramifications. Well, two come immediately to mind:
  1. If all communities (define as you will) are on separate power network islands, a problem on any one of them will have a lesser chance of impacting the larger system of systems. And that's a good thing
  2. Less good might come of reliance on the same application or infrastructure software across communities. Today, one of the things that gives Apple and Linux users a little more breathing room against viruses and common attacks is the fact that they are not Windows systems replete with a who's who list of easy attack vectors. This is security through diversity. While cost efficiency and systems integration drivers would impel us towards standard apps and systems, we might do well to remember the benefits of technology diversity 

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