Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do it for Mom: Knocking out Smart Grid Vulnerabilities Early this Holiday Season

Unless you're in Texas where until recently roofs where melting and tires exploding, you've noticed the new autumnal smells in the air, right? So right about now who wouldn't want Smart Grid security, motherhood and/or apple pie? That's what this new Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) project promises:
Rather than wait for signs of a security problem to crop up in smart-grid technologies, wouldn’t it be better to automatically analyze software and hardware to uncover vulnerabilities, whether accidental or malicious?
I think this must be a trick question; the answer seems so obvious:

Add one part DOE lab, another part respected energy sector security service provider Enernex, and a generous dollop of AMI vendor Sensus, and it appears you've got a formula for something that's been missing in Smart Grid supply chain security ... until now.

Let's see how this goes.

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Photo credit: cotaroba at Flickr.com