Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Covering the 3rd Smart Grid Security Summit

Have iPad with Twitter app loaded: will travel. When I'm not tripping over words as a moderator or panelist over the next two days, I'll try to give you a feel for who's saying what here in San Diego.

I came in late today and caught the tail end of the privacy workshop. Then onto a social gathering sponsored by the Canadian Consulate in a so-called Tiki room (see reference image above - conference attendees, you decide), where we got a little more privacy, courtesy of the Ontario Information and Privacy Commission. Other workshops today covered advanced AMI security and security testing.

All good stuff, and ready to dig into security topics tomorrow. For Twitter followers, will use #smartgrid #security and #sgssummit. And once again, here's the conference site.

Photo credit: http://www.nuthousepunks.com/blog/