Thursday, November 21, 2013

SCADA Primers Now for Grades 1-8 and Even More Managers

Earlier this year, the US Air Force's Robert M. Lee brought us SCADA and Me, an intro level graphic novelette optimized for very young children and certain managers. Now comes Haley Wauson of industrial automation company Cimation with a blog post that should help SCADA and Me readers advance to the level of middle school literacy and educate an even more advanced cohort of managers.

In her succinct post "What is SCADA Anyway?" Ms. Wauson uses infographic style visuals and multi-syllabic words to take readers to a level of depth that goes well beyond Robert Lee's Goodnight Moon-esque masterpiece.

Sounds like I'm joking around but actually works like these are just the thing for de-mystifying technology that's foreign to IT-centric folks.  SCADA and control systems are of central importance to making good things happen in our increasingly interconnected "Internet of Things" world, or as my recent alma mater IBM has dubbed it, the Smarter Planet.

Securing these things, now that's another matter. But first you have to know what they are, and where they are, in the first place!


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