Thursday, February 3, 2011

DOE, NIST, and NERC Announce a Long Overdue Collaboration on Smart Grid Security

So happy to see this come to fruition. From Tuesday's press release:
Traditional cyber security approaches for electric utilities are segmented, with different approaches for control systems and information systems. This has resulted in cyber security requirements that are overly restrictive in some cases, and not restrictive enough in others. At best, requirements are overlapping, but more often result in gaps in cyber security coverage. A common approach is needed to address the unique cyber security risks that a nation-wide smart grid will pose.
Began as a conversation late last year among two friends trying to figure out how to break through some logjams, one named Dave Dalva, online and then over coffee one morning in DC.

Click HERE for full statement, and recommend you stay tuned on this.

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Unknown said...

The transmission for these systems are revolutionary. I would love to see how they run in person. They just never seize to amaze me.

Aaron Carter |