Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A 2010 End-of-Year Glimpse Behind the SGSB Curtain

No, I'm not going to show you how this blog's sausage is made. Instead, wanted to give you an idea of who else is partaking on a regular basis as one indicator of which countries and organizations are taking grid security most seriously, or at least are most curious about it.

The following is a simple list, in order from most to least, of which countries read (in English only) the Smart Grid Security Blog the most often in 2010.

Top ten

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, EU, South Korea, Australia, Japan

The rest in order

Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Israel, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Taiwan, Philippines, Iran, Switzerland, Ireland, Malaysia, Portugal, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, Greece, Indonesia, Norway, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, Czech Republic, Romania, China, Egypt, Chile, Columbia, UAE, Saudi Arabia ... and more.

A few other details while we're at it

In 2010, a typical day at the SGSB saw visitors from a 15-20 different countries read this blog, a third arriving via Google or Bing, another third via FeedBurner email subscriptions (over 600 now and counting), and the rest coming from links in articles and on other sites.

In terms of types of organizations these folks come from (which you can sometimes see and sometimes not), all or most of the larger US, Canadian and European utilities, Federal and State regulators, technology and services providers, and universities are all well represented.

While millions-of-hits per day sites like the Drudge Report and ESPN.com have little to fear from the SGSB, I'm expecting a slow and steady up-tick in readership next year as more Smart Grid initiatives roll out, as standards begin to mature, and as new business models emerge and evolve. Not to mention threats and responses.

Had a great 2010 - thanks for being a part of it. Looking forward to 2011 !!!

Photo credit: havankevin on Flickr.com

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