Monday, January 13, 2014

Conference Alert: SmartSec Europe 2014

There's not much time left, but here's an exciting conference for if you're not going to Distributech in San Antonio, but still want to visit a historic city with picturesque waterways.

Location: Amsterdam
Dates: 29-30 January 2014
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Bonus #1: My friend Johan Rambi and grid security superstar Annabelle Lee will be speaking

Bonus #2: All SmartSec attendees are invited to stay on one more day to help set the course for Europe's new ISAC and situational awareness organization, DENSEK.  It convenes at 1000 hours on Friday the 31st at the same venue.

And in case you're wondering DENSEK includes but is not focused on Denmark. DENSEK stands for Distributed ENenergy SEcurity Knowledge ... capiche?

Photo credit: The Travis Caulfield Travel Blog


Unknown said...

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John Lightfoot said...

Nice post.

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