Monday, March 11, 2013

Cybersecurity Workforce Developers Need You, Part Deux

Yes we can. The following is number 2 in a series of 2 un-paid public service announcements from what remains one of my favorite organizations. It begins, as it did the first time on March 2, thusly:

Power industry security stakeholders (if you read this blog, that means you!),

The National Board of Information Security Examiners (NBISE) is partnering with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to contribute to the development of the U.S. cybersecurity workforce. Toward this effort, a utility SME panel has mapped power system cybersecurity job responsibilities to the objectives of two workforce frameworks (NICE and ES-C2M2), the domains of training/education programs, and the objectives of key certifications. 

NBISE is excited to announce the opening of the Review and Comment System that allows power industry security stakeholders to comment on the results of these job responsibility mappings by the SME panel and we want your feedback on these results. This review system will be open for three weeks of public comment (planned closing on 15 March 2013).

To participate click here or paste/type into your browser.
  • Each review will require approximately 15 minutes (that's funny, it took me 45, but I was always bad at multiple choice - ab)
  • You may participate in this survey using any web browser and will require no special software (the geeky of you may burn cycles trying to prove this statement wrong by experimenting with every browser on the planet.  Please don't - ab)
As well, please forward this opportunity to anyone you think can provide valuable feedback and insights to this effort.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Tom Vanderhorst at NBISE via email at

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