Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Alert: A Risk Management-Focused GridSec

Things have been changing over the course of half a dozen or so GridSec conferences the last 3 years:
  • Increasingly, a risk management vs. pure compliance approach to security is in evidence at utilities
  • Practical, business-oriented metrics and measurement mechanisms are being developed and used to increase visibility and understanding of current state and challenges, and to facilitate prioritization
  • Describing security requirements and incidents in language more accessible to management and more aligned with core utility values and business drivers, including safety and reliability
  • More attention to Operational-side issues
What attendees will experience at the upcoming summit will be an update on the evolution of grid security, privacy and compliance issues that reflects the evolution of the bullet-ed points of the above.

The details you need to get/be there:

  • When: 22-24 Oct 2012
  • Where: PG&E head office, 77 Beale Street, San Franciso, CA
  • Web page for more info and reg: HERE

Lots of great speakers are lined up and the hallway talk is always interesting too. Hope you can make it.