Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conference Alert: For Operational Technology (OT) Security, Accept No Substitute: Joe Weiss' is Only Game in Town

Sep 13 update:

Where would I be without reader feedback? If your interest in (or requirements for) securing operational systems are more urgent, and/or if you live in Idaho, then please waste no time in turning your attention here:

Asset owners and operators have a number of classes and courses available to them from DHS. Not the least of these is the one week: a hands on workshop held at Idaho National Labs. For more info, click HERE NOW.


As previously announced, while there are other electric sector conferences going on the same week, if SCADA and control system security is your primary focus, then this is the one for you.

Here's where you'll want to be and some of the details you need to make it happen:
  • Name: 12th ICS Cyber Security Conference
  • Location (general): 200 miles south of DC
  • Location (specific): VMASC Main Building, 1030 University Boulevard, Suffolk, VA 23435
  • Dates: 22-25 Oct 2012
  • Link for more info and registration:
In the meantime, while Joe's formula for OT Security success is not easy to replicate, you can see how you and your organization might make some adjustments to get there, HERE.