Thursday, March 29, 2012

GridSec in Near Real Time - A Tale of the Tweets

This must be some type of social media sin, but I 'm building this post almost entirely out of Tweets I did from yesterday's GridSec conference. In reverse chronological order, they were:
  • Attending Chris Blask's great ICS security panel. Good to see more attention to control system security at the conference this time#GridSec
  • "Beyond AMI" panel co's include Waterfall, Cisco, McAfee, GE and AlertEnterprise at #GridSec
  • At #GridSec, attempting Tweeting-while-moderating. A high wire act. But Beyond AMI panel off to good start with experts from 5 companies.
  • #GridSec Infra security panel seems to concur that appropriate info sharing is security goal #1 for next few years
  • #GridSec talk on sad topic: utilities won't report any attack that could earn them a compliance penalty, so helpful info doesn't get to help
  • In the Security Infrastructure panel, ERCOT speaker said one key focus area needs to be situational awareness. #GridSec
  • From #GridSec - linking security and safety in budget talks.
  • Rea#GridSec conf. First session is CXO perspectives with Vermont Electric's CEO David Hallquist bringing his usual candor, energy and insight
  • Tweeting from #GridSec conference this week

Have to keep this short for now, so only commentary I have on the above is that unless you have comprehensive situational awareness, (one speaker's suggestion), then information sharing isn't that big a priority, as you have little to share. Utilities, and any organization for that matter, have to know what's happening with their systems in order to detect, hopefully thwart, and also report this info so others can be on their guard.

Day 2 begins soon ...