Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fifteen Minutes for a Better Grid Security Workforce

Not too long I ago we posted on the NBISE effort to build a better security professional for critical infrastructure sectors like ours. A lot of work (especially ground work) has been done since then and now NBISE is ready to take it up a notch, with broader input from the wider world ... including potentially: you.

Check this out:
The National Board of Information Security Examiners (NBISE) is partnering with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to contribute to the development of the U.S. cybersecurity workforce by developing a detailed Job Performance Model (JPM) for Smart Grid cybersecurity personnel in the functional areas of security operations, intrusion analysis, and incident response.

NBISE and PNNL manage the Smart Grid Cybersecurity (SGC) Panel, which oversees and contributes to the Department of Energy’s efforts to develop a job competency model and assessment focused on the job responsibilities and unique skill set of Smart Grid cybersecurity specialists. This SGC survey seeks to determine the critical cybersecurity job tasks in the Smart Grid environment.

This survey is an important step towards the development of a job performance model for cybersecurity roles necessary to secure and protect the Smart Grid. If your expertise and experience is related to security operations, intrusion analysis, and/or incident response, then this survey is for.  Details: 
  • The survey will require approximately 15 minutes 
  • You may participate in this survey using any web browser and will require no special software 
  • This survey is anonymous. The record kept of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you unless a specific question in the survey has asked for this. If you have responded to a survey that used an identifying token to allow you to access the survey, you can rest assured that the identifying token is not kept with your responses. It is managed in a separate database, and will only be updated to indicate that you have (or haven't) completed this survey. There is no way of matching identification tokens with survey responses in this survey.
Got it? Ready? Well here you go ... 
For further information regarding the Smart Grid Cybersecurity Panel Job Analysis Questionnaire, please click HEREAdditional information on NBISE and its Job Performance Methodology may be obtained by clicking HERE.
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