Monday, July 11, 2011

2nd Smart Grid Security TwitterStorm Spotted

Social media storm chasers have identified this Wednesday afternoon (330 pm ET to be precise) as the likely time the next security related Smart Grid twitter discussion is likely to hit. The previous one, that I was involved in anyway, was last fall, and it was a pretty interesting and educational affair. See announcement HERE.

Subject this time will be the deployment of security controls at a US utility for two primary objectives:
  1. To protect itself from potential attacks coming from outside, particularly the Smart Meters and AMI network it's been standing up for customers recently
  2. To protect Smart Meter-enabled residential and commercial customers from potential attacks (or accidental, incorrect instructions) originating inside the utility or its systems
Please note, this will be an IBM-centric discussion so I'll be speaking/tweeting from the perspective of my day job using the Twitter ID: @IBMSmartrEnergy and to follow or participate in the conversation folks should use the Twitter hashtag: #IBMSG.

Looking forward to this event: please join in if your schedule allows. BTW I'll be using the TweetDeck app for this event and recommend you give it a try if you haven't already.

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