Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Webcast is Up!

Ok, so it isn't as polished as Sixty Minutes, but think of it as Smart Grid Security cinema verite'.

Anyway, after much effort, a version of the recent webcast, "An Introduction to Smart Grid Security" is now available. We recommend you watch it in youtube HD (720p). It runs about 15 minutes in total, and and you can watch Part One here:

And you can watch Part Two here:

Because the slides look blurry in lower resolution video, and because you may want to use them yourselves at some point, we are making them available to you in their original form, here:

While it is far from perfect, we finally decided just to get it out there because we wanted to get this one published without further delay. As this is our very first webcast for the blog, we are interested in your comments so that we can make the next one better, and more useful for you, our readers. Please hit the "What do you think?" feedback button, and let us know what you -do- think.

Thanks to all those who attended, and who asked questions during the session. We look forward to the next one, on May 26th, on "The Smart Grid and Data Security". See you (or you'll see us, I guess) then.

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