Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Security Standards Trump all others in Smart Grid Survey

So a bunch of utilities professionals were just polled by a research firm which asked them, of all the different types of Smart Grid-related standards that are being developed/decided right now, which are the most important?

Boy, this is going to make me sound like a total dork, but the results channeled through Jesse Berst's SmartGridNews.com site revealed that Security Wins! Here's a link to the outfit that did the work.

As we stated in a previous post called the Smart Grid Security Confidence Game, the large-scale Smart Grid build-out that waits just beyond the lessons learned in the SGIG pilots isn't going to happen if the utilities, the regulators and the users don't trust the security controls.

All we can say to the good folks at NIST and the multitudinous other orgs charged with arriving at comprehensive security standards for the Smart Grid is: hope you got some rest this week - we need you back on the job stat in 2010.

And FYI: based on emails and other traffic on the cyber security work group community site, they're not actually resting this week either.

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