Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cars 'n Grids

This is good stuff from the founder of ZipCars:
Robin Chase considers the future of electricity, the future of cars and the internet three terms in a single equation, even if most of us don’t yet realize they’re on the same chalkboard. Solve the equation correctly, she says, and we create a greener future where innovation thrives. Get it wrong, and our grandchildren will curse our names.
and also this:
Chase talks about how cars fit into the equation. She sees automobiles as just another network device, one that, like the smart grid, should be open and net-based. “Cars are network nodes,” she says. “They have GPS and Bluetooth and toll-both transponders, and we’re all on our cell phones and lots of cars have OnStar support services.” That’s five networks.
Hold on to your hats. A new rolling mash-up (hopefully not smash-up) is forming.

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