Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Smart Grid Security News from the Land of Nowitzki

You know, as a staunch anti Smart Grid FUDdite, it's not easy for me to praise the article that contains this quote:
If I’m a burglar, for example, all I’ve got to do is hack into the smart grid, and I know when you’re home and when you’re not home.
Ha, it's clear that hacking meters is easy as pie !!!

I think of burglars and immediately wonder what's this person thinking (I almost wrote smoking)? Unless you view what the MIT students famously pulled off in Vegas (as depicted in the film Numbers) as burglary, I just don't see the average, or even the above average burglar investing in Smart Meter hacking school tuition. Heck, they probably don't even have the SATs to get in.

It may be important to note that said quote is from an attorney (and likely a good one) whose helps run his firm's Cloud Computing and Cyber-Security practice team. Certainly that type of statement could drive some revenue.

Nevertheless, the reason for this post isn't the quote and commentary above, it's the title and tone of the larger article that caught my eye. Goes against the grain of 99% of media reports warning of the impending Smart Meter led apocalypse.

Especially good, I think, is this bit near the end:
“It’s impossible to design an impenetrable security system, but we have a multi-layered approach that’s overseen by several offices.” Oncor has a full-time security team that is constantly monitoring and addressing each security alert ... If there are irregularities, the team investigates them. If a problem were to arise, the team would take measures to lock it out of the system.
You don't have to be bullet proof to be secure (enough). And being able to see what's happening, and ready to respond, is key. Got to like it.

How like Texas to be so unlike the rest. You'll find the full article HERE.

Oh yeah, and way to go Mavs !!!

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